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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

=!CH@LZ3 TINGTUKUN!=™ closing ceremony

Sorry, =!CH@LZ3 TINGTUKUN!=™ is officially "CLOSED" or OUT OF BUSINESS. This is my 175th post and my last one in this blog. Bye. I'M OUT OF THE BLOG WORLD but I will come back. CHOW!


Sunday, May 17, 2009


Congrats to HAFIZ! Bangga org Sarawak! 1st time dlm sejarah AF org sarawak jd juara! 
Rugi amai aku enda meda final nya'....malam td bisi pengerami Gawai[pre-gawai] dinner ba' Eastwood Valley..pulai nyu ari siti'...pukul 1 pagi tadi...amat bendal..bisi pekit kumang keling agi..
(sorry post in B.Iban)

My Blog dah berminggu2 x update...busy lalu  bahh...2moro is my BIG day coz esok
1. the pgws & pgws jr jd penyambut cikgu at the 'red carpet' and pakai traditional clothes
2. jd photographer...
3. ajk jamuan
4. GAMESHOW! tarian..

marek pgi Parkson...sakai lalu naik 'flyover' eh Bintang Megamall...haha
stress h..dahlah lusa EXAM! aduhh...esok Teacher's Day peringkat Kolej! Tusah endal..pemisi gawai enda lama' agi...
and then,

WALLET AKU HILANG SINCE WEDNESDAY! RM40++ in there and some hotel room cards, used movie tickets, receipt, pledge, etc. 

BYE, this blog will be unupdated for the next few weeks!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

No Apologies Camp

1st May 2009, 11 Kolej students went for the No Apologies Camp at Piasau Baptist Church :)
the 1st thing we do is registration
then we put our bags upstairs
saw Joel & Garnette
then a short briefing by Bro Yen Khai
divided into 3 groups..i was in Group 3 with nico & winny
then we pitch the TENTS! woo~
in Day 1, there are 4 sessions/units
Unit 1: Video & Questions
Unit 2: We all want Healthy Relationship
Unit 3: Media Literacy
Unit 4: Premarital Sex has Consequences (my fav unit) =p
the sessions are done at a hall upstairs
and then we have this fun treasure
Great Team guys! :)
treasure hunting using Bible phrases
then we had a bath at the 'Men's Spa'...haha XD (sorry no photo of the spa)
dinner was ok..
I extol You, Lord, I extol You~
Free Time! This is the best part!
Played Basketball, Boy vs Girls (girls win i think) coz the girls ot numbered the boys
It was fun playing wt the girls...haha...Audrey from SMKL got hurt, not hurt la, just kena lantak the ball..
Chit Chat wt an old friend, Vivien from CH
The best & fun thing is~
We all gather round and eat tidbits and tell Ghost stories and the story tellers are Kolejans!(bangga) haha
and Alex made up a pretty cool story
and Bro Daniel had an interesting story too
then we are asked to go to the tent
I stayed/slept in th same tent as Mac & Foybel
Alex scares some girls in the tents and they were like screaming! haha
we slept at 1am i think
masa tidur ya, foybel & mac malah jak komplen
panaslah, byk nyamuk, ka' parai, ka' luput..adoii
i said "tdo jak bahh"
foybel woke up every hour..haha

woke up at 6am
took a bath at the bathroom (too early to take bath), don't wanna take a bath at the 'Spa' anymore
then we had a Devotion
then we played basketball like last nite
played football too
then there was this 'exercise' led by April Tang
it's a game actually
very very fun and 'wat saspen je'
then we unpitch the tents
then we had breakfast
sian Suk Ting & gang x smpt b'fast..haha..they all sibuk2 mandi
and then we continued the sessions
Unit 5: Abstinence Works Everytime
done at upstairs hall
this unit is also interesting
then lunch
Unit 6: Marriage does Matter (The BEST!)
done at the downstairs hall
it was so beautiful, decorated like a wedding day..nice :)
Unit6 is like very sad
and then, we need to sign a pledge
recieved a rose...nice :)
then it's COCONUT planting time!
there are 4 cocos to plant
Coco 1 is planted by the PBC Chairman
Coco 2 is planted by Dr Regina [V.C]
Coco 3 by a representative from the boys which is Alex
Coco 4 by a representative from the girls which is Claudia (bangga Kolej) haha
then it's time to go back
everyone sibuk2 minta phone number
me & mac disuruh oleh Mdm Yeoh to collect/ask for the plastic bottles
then main basketball, Boys vs Girls
after Foybel & Mac balik, it's only me n nico lawan claudia winny law loretta emilia audrey & fenny..but then rodney help was fun
5pm, it went back

the Camp was Fun...the people are fun! Joy said there is another camp on 3-6 June at the Borneo Rainforest Resort and the same people will go there(best) but i can't Gawai bahh.
 Met a lot of new friends there especially the Group 3 which are Alex, Si Zhen(Season), Angelina Jong(AJ), Caroline, Emilia, Felicia, Bernard, Julian, Roland & Rene(My senior in SRSM!) and Loretta, Rodney, Joy!, Audrey and more..also met some old friends, Joel, Garnette & Vivien! and some aunty/uncles such as bro Yen Khai, bro Daniel, Uncle Franco, Aunty Joyce, aunty Becky & more..
NICE to meet u all! :)
but audrey & loretta said " Nice Stupid U all" haha

(Photos will come later in this post! Wait for it!)


whtm chalzeakume16 version P1 (True Story)


the night of 29 April 2009
the worst nite ever

the Morning of 30 April 2009
the worst morning ever

the evening of 30 April 2009
the worst evening ever
and one of the best evening ever

the night of 30 April 2009
the worst night ever


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knowing Last Scene- The End

teruk kan~

this one lagilah teruk..haha..found it on

this week in school

no idea...forgot

push ups, sit uos and all the ups
got visitors from other school for the Prefect Slide comp thingy
got gamelan, dikir barat & choir show that evening

terasa masa assembly, the whole class terasa of what Pengetua said during assembly..huhu
stayed to do kerja kayu

bitches shrieked! haha
tukar tempat duduk but only me & trah x tukar..haha
buat kerja kayu
NEWSPAPER day! Me & nico pgi rumah raye ambik nwsppr

buat bookmark..blablabla

Videos of Knowing

Knowing Trailer

Knowing Plane Crash

Knowing Subway/Train Crash

These are the videos that freaks me and you out! Enjoy :) Sorry i can;t find the very END part! That one more dahsyat!

Lucinda Embry knows EVERYTHING!


before i tell yall about my friend Lucinda, I will tell you a story.
I went to Pustaka around 11.45am
with Shaqil & Aida
we booked Discussion Room 5
and then Fit come
buat lots of hwk!
and then by 1.20pm, Aida & I walked to Parkson
when we reached there, we were sweating like hell
saw Zul at the entrance, and then saw Aiman
Met Nico & Raye at Kokoberi
Aiman ikut us
pgi Cinema!
and we watched this very COOL AWESOME AMAZING movie called "KNOWING"
Me, Raye, Dot, Necko, Ann & Aiman watched this movie called "KNOWING"

this movie is so damn freakin awesome! haha...buat org phobia jak cerita tok...tapi bez...very very cool. There are many parts of this movie which freaks you out! U might even have a phobia going on a plane or a train..hehe...the plane & train part freaks me out so much! I was closing my ears when the train part happen & when everything is DESTROYED! The plane part I wasn't closing my ears coz i wasn't ready..i was so loud! lantai bergegar! Dahsyat sungguh cerita ni..aku jd lemah semangat tgk crita ya..aduhaii...I wish she was there by my side! haha! So that i can hold her hands! I NEED YOU at that time! just a warning, this movie is not suitable for org yg lemah semangat & org below 18..haha..the funny story lah, tadi maa mok balit ya, ada jam kat Pujut..and then aku teringatkan pasal belon ya! haha..i keep on imagining it! It won't get out of my mind coz it was TOTALLY AWESOME thing to watch! I wanna watch it again! Wanna buy the DVD.haha. bw balit kpg..x lamak gik cuti...biar cdak ya tangga ya! haah...demam terus ku tangga crita ya..still very shock! Kawan kita, Nico, keep on saying F*CK, C!Bai, Sh!t etc the whole movie..haha

the trip to paxen was hv raye, man hv lyn, me & nic?? no one...x cun..haha..and then we share money to buy 2 large fries & a dozen of nuggets for 6 of us at McD..OK lah..i'll end my post with some codes..


Sunday, April 19, 2009

AI IKAM SOIM TAM- Daya Diarmond P2

So GAY! 


mok pecahh perut!! hahahahahahahahhahaha
he's so GAY!

Sunday the 19th

went to Church, dtg lewat sikit
-menung ka ngiga parking parking(only available in B.I(Bahasa Iban) version)
me:din bisi endul..parking ba tisi muto nyin..
haha XD, utai ti kebendal iya, aku ngasoh indai aku parking ba tisi muto TOOT

SAKIT PERUT!!! urghh...

masa mok balit ya, hehe, her car beside my car bahh...i look at her, she look at me and i smile...hhehehehe :) :D

and then Uncle Daniel ajak us breakfast at MCFC...saw her again at MCFC..hahaha..i look at her, she look at me and i smile...hhehehehe :) :D

after breakfast, she balik the same time as me..there, in the car, i look at her, she look at me and i smile...hhehehehe :) :D

OK, enough of this...

It's so damn HOT today!
Mummy go to Kuching this evening
Daddy will be back from Labuan tomorrow nite
so, i'm once again alone..well not alone, im with my nenek adek & maid

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Heaven Is So Real by Choo Thomas

Choo Thomas tells a remarkable story of her encounters with Jesus Christ, where she visited heaven many times and saw hell twice. 

Her book, "Heaven is so Real" is more than just a book - it is Christ's loving message to a generation that has largely forgotten, misunderstood or is indifferent about Him. 

This book will touch your heart and soul and will challenge you to live a life of obedience and purity like you have never done before. 

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saturday the 18th

pgi Soon Hup Tower(Mega Hotel) to bayar LAKU bill with mummy & adek
but we are 5 minutes closed five minutes earlier
saw Aiman at the LAKU place! haha
pgi Imperial Mall tukar  battery jam aku
makan at KFC
beli grocery stuffs at Boulevard
pgi PBB E-mart

suddenly, c.Suzn & aunty Minah come to my house...
dahlah masa ya aku tgh chatting dgn Shaqil..haha
i also chat with her just now
Shaqil samseng lalu bahh
Shaqil & me chat about someone & Digimon! hahah
and then aunty Indai Dion came also
masa balik ya Aunty I.D promote to my mom a book
kelak lah i post something about the book

p/s: LAKU bill, RM200++...SESCO bill, RM(8x100)++

the best night of my life!

last nite,
chat with her for about 3-4 hours non-stop...from 8.45pm until 12.30am...haha..terer..

last nite,
chat with hapeez & manokz & shaqil
hapeez and me talk about all kinds of stuff..byk la..
manokz and me talk about school, pgws, coca cola, etc..lupa ehh
shaqil and me talk about someone etc

last nite,
sleep on 12.30am++

last nite,
so peaceful, never felt so happy bcoz of her....

last nite,
a nite i will never forget..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Geng Mamat & Samseng Asrama!

ish3..Geng Mamat & Samseng Asrama(Shaqil) telah berkuasa di Kolej! Oh no! hahaha
td Shaqil masuk Geng Mamat! cdak nya bentang psl 'Water'.."If more people, more water blablabla"

apa yg bez??
Hari tok Pengetua tiba2 masuk dalam class mekowg masa PSV/UBK..nervous...polah muka plastik jak...haha..and then we got 'Role Play'...the best is Geng Mamat punya play..

apa yg x bez??
cynthia & apia ada kat sekolah hari tok..=P

apa yg sot??
Main stoking gik..

apa yg callie??
masa GEO!

apa yg buat easther bising di kelas??
Pertandingan Perbahasan antara Easther & Cikgu Anna masa BM! haha =P

riang ria??
makan ice-cream 2 cone


apa yg bez??
skyping dgn hafiz

apa yg buat aku nervous??
skyping & ym-ing dgn toot

"today mummy check-in at Columbia Asia after sending me to school ..operation sikit je..check-out from hospital around 3..."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My WORST & fun day in Kolej! P2

Progresif 2 Results
PMR Subjects
MT, 84B
GEO, 67C
BI, 66C
SC, 62C
SEJ, nang confirm C
BM, 58C
KHB, 54C

Less Important Subjects
PM, unknown
SVK, unknown
PJK, unknown

p/s: it's not that i didn't study..i studied but i don't know why it's so low..people said it's all because of a 'gagak' bird called Tuesday. Like people siad, bringing the 'burung gagak' into a house will give us bad's not only me who get worse results but it's the whole class...nvmd, we still got Semester 1! Semester 1, we're ready!

my WORST & fun day in Kolej!

16 April 2009,  my unlucky day
UNLUCKY THURSDAY orang katakan
i'm so ashamed of myself..
sine lah aku mok letak mok aku tok =P

yg unlucky about today??
okay, first, i got bad results for my Progresif 2 [will post about it later]. Second, okay, tok nang menjatuhkan maruah & nama baik 2T lah. Better not to post it here. Third, sakit hati coz of a toot! Yesterday i'd done something that i should do a long long time one noe about this..sorry guys, can't tell u all bout this..someday i will tell u guys =]

yg pelik about today??
Aj told me something yg unexplainable!
What's happening to him?!? I mean seriously, he acted weird just now, i mean very weird...never seen him like that before..that's not the him I use to know..eventhough it's kinda funny, but it's something that he would've did. It's just too weird, odd, unexplainable. Me & someone said that he's..........

yg bez about today??
many teachers didn't come today, and most of our classmates weren't here today so as masa BI, SC, SEJ, KHB xda cikgu! total masa, 8 Masa xda cikgu! Yesterday 4 masa jak...masa BI club, we main English Treasure Hunt organized by the Form 1'09..Good Job all, korg tok terer gilak...Zul pgi MSSM Basketbll hari tok lawan SMK ubis & SMKDP

what we/i do during the 8 free periods??
do the sejarah homework, MAIN STOKING ZUL!, bersembang, baca buku, quarantine athirah, jiji jadi raja, tidur, main tuduh-menuduh, tetak, bahagia!

how we main stoking zul??
tikam2 stoking ya kat orang..haha...ceridak..bauu

apa yg aku dot raye yuz & toot sembang about??
mula2, we talk about 'babi'..and then psl emart, rumah, kereta, accident, lutong, lutong airport, taman bayshore, jambatan, jambatan permyjaya, jejantas, kampung, kereta, mandi, langkawi, hotel, banjir, kerbau, kerja bapak, hasrat mok explore cliff, and more..byk lah

Sot about today??
Me bryan hafiz shaqil easther main dgn masking tape to cover our mouth..haha...XD
menukul tin aek..did something so is called the THURSDAY PLAN

Anything else??
Yea, but i'm lazy to post some more...
Okay then, BYE!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what??? malas kirim salam?!?


these few days i feel like I having this very common disease called MALAS. 
MALAS is a type of disease which is very common to 'tutekun' tribes.
Symptoms of Malas; never completed homeworks(most common), etc


malas oh malas, janganlah engkau merosakkan minda Manusia2 kolej

1st post of the week

idk what to post

had 4 small paper cups of Nescafe in school, got Nescafe truck come bahh
and then MDM Yeoh asked me to go for a CAMP! Yeay! My 1st camp! It is a No Apologies; Love, Life, +Sex Camp for Christian Students above 14 years old. The fees are only RM50. Haha, only form 2 and form 4 go for the camp. Form 2 yg ikut is Raye Dynand David Dynand Mac Foybel & Amily (or maybe Beatrice too).

PROGRESIF 2 2009 is the WORST EXAM EVER in my life & in Kolej!!!
currently got 1B & 3C!!!! Urghhhh
Maths, 84B (2 more marks to get A!)
English, 66C(33/50) (4 more marks to get B! 35/50 is B!)
Geo, 67C(20/30) (3 more marks to get B! 21/30 is B!)

today & tomorrow the softball team go for a competition at Pusat Belia near St. Co or what ever it is 
today a lot of ppl didn't come to school not only the softballers, but the kadet polis, first-aiders etc

Basketball MSSM!
Tomorrow is the Competition! teruk bahh team Kolej, baru jak 3 hari cdak ya training..haha, btw Good luck. Zul9 jak form2 yg dipilih, the others are the Form4 lah

Memories of Tuesday April Tekun
~we found Tue on the floor last Tuesday(7.4)~
~we 'terpaksa' cut Raye's group product to make Tue's home~
~we fed Tue some of Shaqil's bread & Dydy's cold plain water~
~Tue poop-ed on Nico's hand~
~it was Maths exam, and Tue was so noisy that we can hardy think~
~we scolded Tue~
~someone IRRESPONSIBLE gave Tue a chocolate wafer~
~the next day, Tue died peacefully at Nic' house~
~Nic's dad threw away Tue~
~But Nic 'sempt' go and 'cabut' Tue's feather~
~the Feather is the only thing that Tue left~
~Now Tue's free, Fly....~

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mr Sakchai Thubthong & Ms Brenda Carlson [chalzeakume16 version]

Mr Sakchai Thubthong & Ms Brenda Carlson


it was very fun..
callie bahh Mr Sakchai only know how to say 2 words which are Thnx & Sorry
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i love this photo
seorg of US xda
which is Nico
haha XD
bak kata Aeda
"it's like the 5 of us. chandler's missing. haha
xda laaa. nico's not here. we're buds now.
u can catch us hving lunch together 8 schl.
or doing projects together 8 school. its knda cool."
yeah, malah jak 6 of the Drama Audition that day, only 6 of us yg dipanggil for the aud..
A.D or BCCC interview, us
yesterday's meeting[9.4], us

only me & ann are not in this photo

Mr Sakchai Thubthong & Ms Brenda Carlson [2Tekun Version]

On 6th April 2009, Mr Sakchai from Wattanothaipayup SchoolChiang Mai, Thailand & Ms Brenda from St Martin's Catholic High School. Leicestershire, UK visited our class, 2Tekun and our school. 

Mr Sakchai Thubthong & Ms Brenda Carlson

2 Tekun with Ms Brenda, Mr Sakchai, Datin Evelyn, Mr. Empari & Mdm Sawaran

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